I made this dress from a Simplicity ” HOW TO SEW “

pattern circa 1973.

when I showed it to the men in my life ,  they said ,

” what’s up with the sleeves ? “

and ,

” you’ll look like snow white minus the dwarves… “

I soldiered on.


The sewing part was fairly straight forward. I don’t normally follow patterns , as I make my own , which are for children and I keep the shapes simple.

I think I made it as far as step three , then realised I would just need to make it up as I go along.

I made changes to the collar… it was a little too claustrophobic , I cut it down by 2inches.

I remembered to take the requisite seam allowances that the pattern called for.

I fully lined it.

the pattern dress was not lined.


the lining was the only part that caused me strife.

I joined it to all the seams and treated it as one with the outer fabric for the upper body .

so from the bodice down it hangs free , BUT it is joined into the back seam , ( this will prevent it from riding up ).

the hemming for the lining at the back was therefore a tad tricky , anyway whatever I did worked , it’s just hard to describe…lol


I liked the big faux rose on the pattern cover.

I made one in felt for the finished dress.


the fabric is a vintage vyella , paisley print.

the cuffs and collar are cut from a grey linen weave with silver lurex streaks running thru.

after thoughts:

I like the dress.

I think my 15yr old daughter will wear it .

i’m happy I made it and got it out of my system , now I can move on to another dress already cut out!

oh , and I made a matching e for elephant toy for my market stall , : )


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10 thoughts on “PaisleyPark

  1. Ignore the ignorant men. Mine has a snide comment for everything I make. If he doesnt say anything then I really worry! The dress is cute. I have that pattern in my shop and I considered keeping it for myself but I have broad shoulders and those sleeves would look more like military epaulets on me.

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